We Should Work Together ;-)

Labor of love -- do you like???

Eat Mangos in the Bathtub!

Seek out pleasure everywhere and lightly scoop it up!  

This presentation is also a guide to finding pleasure in all of the difficult places:  during illness, at the periodontist, facing our aging and mortality.  

Let’s magnify our pleasures together, no matter what else is happening in our lives.

She (He) Who Laughs, Lasts!

You can’t laugh and be stressed at the same time.  

It’s like trying to lift a piece of furniture while you’re laughing—you’ll probably drop it.  

Have you lost your humor potential?  

This presentation will help you increase your laughter quotient, and especially work on learning how
to laugh at yourself.

If you are HAPPY and You Know It

Just as the children’s song says, we will clap our hands and stump our feet.  

In this interactive presentation we will practice what we preach as we reprogram ourselves to celebrate and enjoy the many gifts in life.  

Less Stress with More Finesse

 Some studies say that nearly 86% of the world’s population are negative, unhappy and counterproductive.  

No wonder we become negative!  

In this session you will learn to restructure your outlook, deal more successfully with negative people and situations as well as implement some fun and humor therapy into your life.

The Happiness Habit

 Follow the routines that will help you to make your life richer and more productive. 

 Learn about rituals that can help you live a more productive and fulfilling life and even expand your sense of time.

Focus on Joy

 How many things in your daily life do you do just for thejoy of it?  

When you infuse your life with this kind of joy, you internalize the message that you cherish, love and respect yourself.  

See things from a different perspective and others around you will feel it too!